Enterprise Bank & Trust

Diversity at Enterprise Bank & Trust

Dedication to a diverse culture leads the way employees and clients of Enterprise Bank & Trust work together.  A diverse workforce mirrors the communities it serves and allows its employees to better understand the varied needs of its diverse clients.

A message from our CEO, Peter F. Benoist:

“As our regions and communities are increasingly becoming diverse in many aspects, we are committed to adapting our company and associates to embrace and truly understand the changing landscape of our client base.  At Enterprise Bank & Trust, we are fully committed to creating a diverse workplace that offers respect and opportunities for all to succeed in our organization.  We have chosen a select group of Associates from a variety of backgrounds to Charter our Diversity Council.  They will strive to meet goals through representation, community involvement, communications, and leadership development. Our future success depends on our efforts to attract, retain, and develop talented employees.  This focus on our workforce will lead to greater insight into the needs of the businesses in our communities.”  


Commitment Statement:

Enterprise Bank & Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion goals serve to foster an open environment of understanding within the company and to encourage the individuality and creativity of each Associate.  Enterprise Bank & Trust is committed to creating an inclusive, impartial, and accessible workplace, with the knowledge that this commitment will present significant benefits to its clients, shareholders, employees and the communities where it operates.

Enterprise Bank & Trust pledges the full measure of its combined and individual talents, strength and passion as it strives to honor this commitment.