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Owner:  Charles Bradley


Charles Bradley founded ANC Heating & Cooling in 2001. He worked hard to build and train a talented staff. Before long, he established a trusted reputation. In fact, business was so good he needed a plan to keep up with the growth. 

Success is what we all aim for. But is your business financially ready when it happens? Like ANC Heating & Cooling, many small businesses lack the capital to meet the demands of additional business and to sustain the growth.

Bradley and his team performed thousands of equipment installations and serviced even more systems since opening his St. Louis business. Being awarded new contracts daily, Bradley found himself at a critical juncture in the company’s future. 

ANC Heating & Cooling was facing a cash flow issue. Bradley needed to purchase additional equipment and pay salaries before they could complete the new projects. It’s a common, but stressful, problem. 

Lack of reserve capital is one of the top reasons many new businesses fail. Being prepared for unexpected expenses without tapping out daily cash flow is key to navigating tough times and being prepared for growth. 

Business line of credit for working capital

When Bradley consulted with Enterprise Bank & Trust, his Business Banking Specialist, Monica Campbell, suggested a business line of credit for working capital. It’s a smart solution that helps many small businesses smooth out cash flow issues. And it gives the owner some breathing room to focus on other aspects of the business./ancbuilding.PNG?v=2

At Enterprise Bank & Trust, we understand    the urgency behind a business line of credit.   A timely response in these situations is critical. Campbell was able to get it closed within a month from the day she and Bradley outlined   a strategy.

When a company doesn’t have enough cash flow to meet bills, they can dip into cash reserve or use credit. Generally, both are not recommended. For Bradley, the Enterprise Bank & Trust line of credit allows him to comfortably bid on projects and accept them without depleting his daily operating cash flow.

Working with Enterprise Bank & Trust, Bradley was able to successfully secure the new equipment needed. Today, ANC Heating & Cooling is no longer experiencing cash flow shortage; In fact, they are having an excellent year. What’s more, they were able to hire a direct sales manager who is responsible for bringing in even more new contracts.

Business banking tailored to our clients

Part of the success of ANC Heating & Cooling is the company’s rigorous training regimen. Bradley says it’s a central theme of the company's mission. In addition to investing in training, Bradley believes in helping his staff look to the future. 

Bradley worked with Campbell to set his employees up with the SIMPLE 401k plan so they can start their retirement plans today.

As the business bank for ANC Heating & Cooling, we want to see them succeed. We suggest products such as ACH Debit Filter and remote deposit to help them run as efficiently as possible. What’s more, we offer free classes for our clients at Enterprise University on everything from social media and sales management to succession planning and developing leadership.

We tailor services to fit the needs of our clients and have all the capabilities of the largest financial companies with the personal touch of your local bank. With more than $3.5 billion in assets, we are privileged to serve more than 15,000 families in the St. Louis, Kansas City and Phoenix areas.

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