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America Saves Week #ASW17

March 2, 2017

Enterprise Bank & Trust

Finding ourselves eight weeks into 2017 and in the middle of “America Saves Week”, we felt it was important to ask, “What would improving your financial well being look and feel like for you? Would it be purchasing something that feels like a stretch? Perhaps a level of financial security and peace of mind?”

Both financial research and our common sense tell us saving for the future is important. Meanwhile, our consumer-driven impulses and irrationality prove out time and again that a Venti latté and a quick trip to Lululemon are incredibly gratifying.

If you had a dollar for every time someone or advertisement told you to plan for the future, you’d definitely be a wealthy person. This narrative doesn’t need any additional reinforcement. The problem with the narrative about saving is it’s long-term, intangible and boring. Without a clear objective or desire in mind, saving for an undetermined point or expense in the future, while smart, is hardly inspiring.

So rather than consider this an article convincing you to save, think of it as an article reminding you to dream about what you might be able to accomplish or experience if you plan for it.

We all have a basic idea of, “how to save”, but if we are actually going to execute on it, we need a clearer motivation of “why to save”. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this, a few examples that might get your own creative juices flowing are:

  • The dream vacation you never plan for never happens.
  • The house you have your eye on isn’t going to buy itself.
  • The conference you want to attend for work isn’t going to get any cheaper.

While saving is boring, crossing things off your bucket or achieving a new level of financial reach are gratifying. Don’t save for us. Save for you. You deserve to accomplish your dreams and the easiest way to do so is to start.


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