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When making major decisions about the future of the company, I consider Enterprise to be as much a part of as much a part of my team as my employees.”

Banking Partnership Proves Critical at Key Points to Technology Firm's Growth

A Q&A with Kurt Canova, President of Tech Electronics discussing the value of having strategic advisors on your team.

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Through working with Enterprise, we’ve been able to build business relationships in our community. We’ve established that connection with them and with local business leaders.

Local Banking Provides Quicker Decisions for Luxury Auto Dealer

A Q&A with Kevin Killilea, VP, CFO and COO of Soave Automotive Group discussing how to keep a competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.

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I have a sign in my office that reads 'people don't care how much you know until you know how much you care.' I feel that is true with Enterprise. They really do care about my business.

Utilizing ACH and State Tax Credits Provide Cost Savings for Insurance Agency

A Q&A with Dan and Gabe Hotop, C.M. Associates & Associates, Inc. discussing ever-changing regulatory enviornments and adapting utilizing integrated systems and tax credits.

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Enterprise understand the intricacies of our business and we rely on them to provide vision and passion to support our growth plans. For over 20 years, they've anticipated our seasonal capital needs and created solutions unique to us.

A Flexible and Capable Financial Partner Enables Growth for Seasonal Business

A Q&A with Patrick Geraty, Owner of St. Louis Composting discussing cash flow challenges and solutions for a seasonal business.

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From our very first meeting, I have felt encouraged and that they truly care about my business.

SBA Financing Allows Doctors to Purchase Eyecare Practice

A Q&A with Eric Jerde, OD, Owner of Jerde Eye Specialists discussing creative problem solving and guidance while working to purchase a business.

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Knowing that Enterprise cares about our cause and not just our business really solidifies our relationship.

Banking Partnership Provides "Peace of Mind" for Small Nonprofit

A Q&A with Mary Lynn Faunda Donovan, CFA, Executive Director of VOYCE discussing finding the right resources to achieve their mission as a nonprofit.

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Enteprrise understands our business, how we operate, and where we want to go. That eliminates a lot of financial worry as we grow.

Banking Partnership Helps AZPetVet Grow to 21 Locations

A Q&A with Dr. Wayne Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of AZPetVet discussing business restructure support and overcoming financial barriers in regards to attracting top talent.

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The partnership mentality is real. I could tell right away Enterprise wanted me to be successful as a person and a business. That’s been true since our first conversation.

Quick Loan Closings Save Farmer/Commercial Real Estate Owner

A Q&A with Bill Perry, Owner at William K Perry Farms discussing how quick, flexible financing helped his business continue to seamlessly operate.

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Enterprise is reliable, available and genuinely interested in us as a client. I’m not sure how they do it, but there is a ‘personality construct’ woven throughout the organization that is so refreshing.

Banking Partnership Makes International Business Easier for StingRay Manufacturing

A Q&A with Dr. Angela Grupas, Vice President of Sales at StingRay Manufacturing discussing how their long lead production timelines present a challenge and how they were able to grow their international business with new solutions.

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Freedom Interiors Achieves Growth in a Capital-Intensive Industry

A Q&A with Carol Espinosa, Principal of Freedom Interiors discussing how in an inventory-heavy business, a loan program lead to new growth opportunities.

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Best Harvest Utilizes Financial Opportunities to Restructure Manufacturing Operations

A Q&A with Ed Honesty, President and Chief Operating Officer, discussing how flexible financing and New Market Tax Credits helped them remain agile as they grew in size.

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Medical Retailer Sees Its Own Cherished Vaues in Training and Service of its Bank

A Q&A with Ken Sandler, Chief Executive Officer of Medical West, discussing how they were able to impove their accounts payable and receivable processes.

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New Markets Tax Credit Program Fuels Continued Growth with IT Support Firm

A Q&A with Nick Smarrelli, Chief Executive Officer of GadellNet, discussing how they were able to pursue bolder strategies than their competition using New Markets Tax Credits.

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Colortek Expands Thanks to Flexible Financing

A Q&A with Ron Ryan, Principal, Financial Foresight, Freelance CFO for Colortek, discussing finding capital opportunities with New Markets Tax Credits.

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WB Industries Doubles Revenue With Boost from Creative Financing Strategies

A Q&A with Gary Bertolucci, President of WB Industries, talks about satisfying a rapidly increasing customer demand.

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A Long-Term Relationship: From Day One to the Bahamas' Largest Privately-Held Airline

A Q&A with Captain Rex Rolle, President & Chief Executive Officer of Western Air Limited, discussing their partnership with the Enterprise Aircraft team.

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Enterprise Banking Technology Services Let 'Techies' Stay Techies, Focus on Business

A Q&A with Chris Collum, President of 1303 Systems, discussing their partnership with Enterprise.

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Loans, Cash Management, Working Capital: Enterprise Has Done It All for Family Business

A Q&A with Jerry Camsenzind, Owner at Artic Ice, discussing their partnership of over 25 years with Enterprise.

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Enterprise University Sparks Succession Planning Conversation, Leads to New Banking Relationship

A Q&A with Mike Donovan, Managing Principal at Balke Brown Transwestern, Inc., discussing their partnership with Enterprise.

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Credit Card Program Reaps Financial Advantages for Cogent Companies

A Q&A with Stacey Frye, CFO, and Robyn Allison, Controller, at Cogent Companies discussing their partnership with Enterprise.

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All Pro Technical Services, Inc. Sees 10% Efficiency Boost From ACH, Remote Pay Services

A Q&A with Jennifer Warren, Accounting Manager at All Pro Technical Services, Inc., discussing their partnership with Enterprise.

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