Enterprise Bank & Trust
  • Private bankers to help you bring your entire financial picture into sharper focus
  • Wealth Management services for families with complex situations
  • Advisors to help you plan for multiple generations

Meet Our Team


Steve Middendorf
Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor
Steven Ray
President, Trust Fiduciary Services
John Tiffin
Senior Vice President, Wealth Planning Policy and Chief Fiduciary Officer
Christine Ferrell
Private Banking Specialist
Michael Kowalkowski
Chief Investment Officer, Enterprise Trust Company
Janice Wolters
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
Robert Jones
President, Wealth Management
Christopher Nelson
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
Eva Ochterbeck
Trust Administrator
Stacey Owens
Vice President, Trust
Renee Tate
Trust Administrator
Tim Durbin
Vice President, Business Development, Enterprise Trust
Vicki McCrea
Vice President, Trust Officer
Reed McCrory
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
Joe Gazzoli
Chief Executive Officer, Wealth Management