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Janice Wolters is a Vice President, Wealth Advisor at Enterprise Trust Company in Clayton.

Janice offers comprehensive wealth management services to help her clients achieve their financial goals. To accomplish this, Janice works closely with individuals, families, and accounting and legal practitioners in the design, implementation, and monitoring of a broad range of personal trust, investment management and financial planning solutions.

Janice draws from a strong foundation of tax and estate planning experience. She served for thirteen years as a tax advisor with KPMG, specializing in all aspects of high net worth individual income taxation, estate, gift, and trust planning and compliance. Her tenure at KPMG included nearly 8 years in the Personal Financial Planning group in St. Louis and over 5 years in the International Executive Services practice in Toronto.

Prior to joining Enterprise Trust, Janice was a Wealth Management Advisor with US Bank’s Private Client Reserve in Clayton. During her 5 years at US Bank, Janice gained experience with trust administration, investment strategies and private banking solutions.

Janice became a Certified Public Accountant after receiving a B.S. in Business Administration – Accounting from Saint Louis University.

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