Understanding the impact of climate-related risks


We understand climate change may present certain risks to our business. With the oversight of our Board and the Risk Committee, we are formulating processes for identifying, measuring and modeling the impact of climate-related risks and their potential significance to our ongoing business operations and long-term value.


Carbon Footprint

To better understand our environmental impact and help us identify climate-related business risks and potential opportunities, we have begun to identify the sources of, and measure, the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions related to our operations


We strive to implement sustainable practices and an infrastructure that continues to put the environment and our communities first. Our recycling program includes paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Recycling stations are provided in our branch locations and operations center where local haulers support this program. When possible, we reuse electronic equipment. When reuse or resale is not feasible, we recycle using regulated and certified hardware recycling vendors. By using certified vendors, we ensure that our electronic waste is properly managed and that valuable raw materials are recovered and reused.