Protection through knowledge

Every day, cyber criminals are finding new ways to steal your private information. Their methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which makes it more difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

If you contact Enterprise Bank & Trust, we may request certain information to verify your identity. However, please note that Enterprise will never ask for your password or your Security Access Code (SAC), a two-factor authentication code sent to your mobile phone when you log in to your Online Banking account.

It's important to know that unless you initiate contact with us directly, we will never ask you to provide your personal information, such as your account number, Social Security number, PIN, or user ID, through email, U.S. mail, live or automated phone call, or text message.

If you receive any suspicious emails or phone calls claiming to be from Enterprise Bank & Trust and asking for your personal or account information, please do not respond and contact us immediately at (833) 896-2850.

Note: All Enterprise debit and credit cards have 24/7 fraud protection. If we spot potentially fraudulent charges on your account, we’ll text, email, or call you and ask if the charge is legitimate. If no response is received to text or emails, Enterprise will call you at the number listed on your account.  During the call, we will ask for information to verify your identity. 

For a step by step walkthrough of Enterprise’s Online Security measures and available features watch these informational videos:

Audio description transcript

You are the front line of protection for your information, and we want you to have the knowledge to recognize common scams before they occur. This summary of Common Scams provides examples of attempts to steal personal information, and how to avoid them.

For your banking security, please remember:

  • Never disclose or write down login and password information
  • Always use a complex password consisting of numbers, letters and special characters

Click here for a list of internet banking best practices and controls.

Report Phishing and Fraud

If you suspect that someone is attempting to access your private information for illicit purposes, report it immediately: 


Please forward all Enterprise Bank & Trust-related phishing attempts to: [email protected]. Due to the insecure nature of email, do not include any personal information such as account numbers or social security numbers, in emails or forms.


If you feel you have been the victim of online account fraud, please call Client Services toll-free at (833) 896-2850. Click here to learn more about account fraud and identity theft.

SecurLOCK Equip™ 

We offer cardholders the ability to control how, when, and where their cards are used. SecurLOCK equip is our solution that gives you full control. SecurLOCK allows you to temporarily disable your card, restrict card usage to certain areas, block transactions occurring outside your area, and receive alerts for card transactions. Search and download the SecurLOCK app from the Apple or Google Play store. 

View SecurLOCK FAQ’s here.

If a transaction is identified as potentially suspicious SecureLOCK Communicate will contact you via email, phone, or text to validate identity. Please be sure to contact your branch or our client services at (800) 438-0378 to update your telephone numbers and email address if changes occur.