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Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) expertise to ensure your succession plan — and your legacy — are in good hands

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A well-developed succession plan helps ensure your business and your team can confidently move forward into its next chapter.

The ESOP structure provides tax advantages for the seller, the company and the employees, but is a complex process that impacts your business’s cash flow and your financial position. With an experienced banking partner guiding you through the succession planning process, all aspects of the ESOP, including new ownership loan considerations and tax, trust and estate matters, will be thoughtfully designed as part of the most financially beneficial path forward.

Whether you have consistent earnings or seasonal peaks and troughs, our ESOP professionals can help you navigate the process to develop an ESOP that serves your business and guides your team to a lifetime of financial success.

Our ESOP financing specialists have extensive experience helping business owners implement ESOP financing structures. As active members of the National Center for Employee Ownership (“NCEO”) and The ESOP Association (“TEA”), we are committed to keeping abreast with industry updates and a nationwide network to provide best-in-class financing solutions for your business.


Even business owners years away from retiring could benefit from starting to plan your thoughtful exit — facilitating a smoother ownership transition when the time comes. Contact our ESOP specialists to get started.

Our team will structure your ESOP to best fit your needs:

  • Leveraged financing for 100% or partial sale of stock to ESOP
  • Working capital financing for ESOP companies
  • Financing for second stage ESOP transactions
  • Seller note refinancing
  • Merger and acquisition financing

As your long-term financial partner, we’ll help you take advantage of additional treasury management services to maximize cash and capital, as you finance your ESOP and work toward other financial and business goals.


"Choosing an ESOP has tax benefits and allows you to preserve your legacy, but perhaps the greatest opportunity in an ESOP is that of building wealth among your employees — it gives employees a personal stake in the business and can build a powerful 'we're all in this together' attitude across your organization."
Steve Albart, Regional President - St. Louis Enterprise Bank & Trust


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