What to Look For When Closing Business Deals

Finding the Right Escrow Agent

From closing a business transaction to merging or selling your business, having a well-rounded financial and legal team by your side can help you navigate pivotal moments for your business. By taking advantage of third-party escrow services, your funds can be disbursed quickly, securely and in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

A good escrow agent asks the right questions to make sure the transaction is recorded effectively with all disbursement requirements noted on the escrow agreement. Quick turnaround time, nationwide services, competitive prices and experience can set an agent apart in the marketplace

How the Right Escrow Partner Can Help You Streamline Transactions

A third-party escrow expert can provide personalized assistance on major business deals such as mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property sales, real estate sales and capital-raising transactions. Placing funds in escrow can help you meet critical financial deadlines, avoid delayed transactions and avoid any counterparty risk associated with the transaction.

How Your Financial Institution Can Help

Partnering with your bank can provide a trusted and secure space for funds or assets involved in business transactions. Your financial institution can play several key roles in a successful merger, acquisition or any other business deal involving escrow services:

  • Custodian of funds: Banks are responsible for holding, verifying and releasing funds in escrow
  • Security measures: Banks protect escrow funds through encryption, multi-factor authentication and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized access
  • Neutrality: Banks serve as a neutral third party in escrow transactions helping to maintain fairness and impartiality

The Vital Role of An Escrow Agent

Finding an experienced escrow agent is an important aspect of facilitating significant business transactions — and the right contacts know where to find specialty escrows. Consult your network or consider a referral from your bank, attorney or a broker dealer to find an agent that understands the escrow process. Your agent can draft transaction documents and closing statements while ensuring all aspects meet legal compliance requirements. An agent can help with:

  • Creating a customized escrow agreement to meet specific needs of the parties
  • Offer risk mitigation and offer an alternative to settle disputes between parties
  • Ensure the process is in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Oversee the transfer of funds and ensure all legal documents are properly executed
  • Manage the disbursement process and offer sub-accounting on complex escrow transactions

An attorney’s legal expertise adds an extra layer of protection to the escrow process and ensures that transactions are conducted in a legally sound and fair manner. To prepare for significant financial chapters in your business journey, it’s essential to have a reliable banking and legal partner on your team. With a solid support system in place, your partners can collect and process the required information to securely complete important business transactions and take your business to the next step.