Meet Malcolm Crawford, AVP, Business Banking

A Conversation with Malcolm Crawford, Assistant Vice President of Business Banking

Malcolm Crawford has been with Enterprise Bank & Trust for more than five years. Since joining the business banking team in 2021, Malcolm has been integral to our community development efforts and is committed to guiding business owners to financial success.

When you were in high school and college, did you think you would have a banking career?

Back in high school, I wanted to be a professional basketball player. As I progressed through college, the path of entrepreneurship began to call my name, but I could never decide on what kind of business I wanted to start. After graduation, I accepted an entry-level position at a bank and started my career. Working in my current position at Enterprise makes me feel like I have come full circle with my initial dreams of entrepreneurship as I get to help new and current business owners work toward their dreams of financial success.

How would you describe your position?

As the Assistant Vice President of Business Banking, I manage a portfolio of our clients’ loans and develop new business. A key focus for me when talking to clients and prospects is listening to understand rather than listening to respond. Through meaningful listening, I have a great grasp of their needs and their vision for the future of their company. I understand my clients and that allows me to help them reach their business goals.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Connecting my clients and prospects with individuals and resources that will increase their revenue or improve their business is my favorite part of my job. It is fulfilling to know that I am able to provide insight that business owners may have not received anywhere else. 

What do you think the banking industry can do to attract more young minority professionals?

Be intentional. Put forth effort into targeting historically Black colleges and universities. Reach out to minority organizations at other colleges and universities. Make information about banking careers readily accessible to students and young professionals.

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs that are starting to grow their business in the current market?

Establish a banking relationship and have a primary banker. A good banker can lessen an owner’s load by providing financial advice and helping to solve complex business challenges. Another tip is to make sure that there is a market for the business that you are trying to start. If you create a niche in that space, you can likely be successful.

What is the best advice you can give to business owners seeking working capital?

Collateral, accurate financials and personal credit. If all three of these items are in good standing then the time to seek working capital is right.

How does your business banking team stand out from other banks?

We have developed a focus on the minority-owned business sector. We really make a difference in the lives of minority-owned business owners throughout our regions that may have not had a banking partner. Many people are unaware of the benefits of working with a banker and use their own capital to further their business goals. I think our commitment to supporting minority-owned business owners is something that sets us apart as a bank.

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