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Enterprise Reaffirms Its Commitment to Social Justice

Earlier this week, I shared a message with our associates about the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that have taken place across the country. Recent acts of racism and injustice have increased stress, fear and doubt in our communities. I’m left heartbroken that this is where we are as a nation. 

There are some very important things I want you to know about your bank. Enterprise Bank & Trust values diversity and inclusion not just as long-established guiding principles, but in our daily practices. Treating associates, clients, and our entire community with fairness and respect stands above all in our commitment to serve and lead. We believe - and know - that diverse perspectives and life experiences give us a broader worldview, making us better able to serve on so many levels. 

I don’t presume to know how you feel during this unimaginable time, but here’s what I unequivocally do know:

To our clients - You can count on us to continue providing products and services that meet a wide range of needs. We celebrate the fact that you are a diverse group of individuals and business leaders who also serve a wide variety of audiences.

To our communities - You can count on us to support a diverse group of organizations with programs and funding that help people of all backgrounds and strengthen our communities. Providing services and programs for all, especially those which serve the needs of diverse social standing, class, color, race or ethnicity, is how we have - and will always - do business. 

To our associates - You have my unwavering commitment to continue providing a safe, supportive environment where discrimination and bias are not tolerated. You can count on us to take a stand, address issues like this one, and work together with you to effect change.    

I believe there is hope. I believe we can make progress. I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to understand and change the factors that lead to bias, racism, and disparities. Change will not happen without dialogue. The issues that persist in our communities will improve when we take the time to understand and acknowledge how people experience the world differently. 

To ensure Enterprise takes an active role in building a more just society, I tasked two internal groups - our Engagement & Inclusion Ambassadors and our African American Business Resource Group - to make recommendations on specific steps Enterprise can take to ensure we are driving change. These existing networks are made up of a diverse cross-section of our associates who volunteer to improve our internal culture and external environment through honest dialogue and company initiatives.

I realize that nothing gets solved with one step alone, but I want to assure you that Enterprise is an ally and will continue to advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion. There is so much we can achieve when we unite, discuss, and understand justice, together.

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