Quality Banking Relationship Allows Developer to Take Advantage of Timely Market Opportunities

A conversation with the Garcia Family, Owners, Garcia Companies


Garcia Companies

Business Snapshot

Founded in 1999, Garcia Companies is a family of real estate businesses including a full-service brokerage, mortgages, rentals, property management and construction/development.

Business Leader

The Garcia Family, Owners


St. Louis, MO

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What are the biggest challenges you face as a business?

Our biggest challenge is finding and securing quality, reliable, genuinely good partners, including employees and third-party providers. Because we have gotten better at this over the years, those partners have become our greatest strength. The market and our competitors will always present challenges. But given our size, resources and ever-growing team, we feel more than ready to compete for our fair share of business.

"The bank that took the time to get to know us and help us was Enterprise Bank & Trust."
The Garcia Family, Owners Garcia Companies

How did Enterprise help solve these challenges?

We started our business with little capital and grew it as best we could. We were not considered “bankable” for years, according to the bankers we had previously talked to. We kept our heads up and found other ways to move forward. I now know that having the money to do what you want early on in a business can be a recipe for disaster. In hindsight, I am comforted knowing that our family business increased its access to capital as we gained the experience necessary to be good stewards of that capital. Fast forward many years, and slowly but surely, banks started coming to us for business. The one that took the time to get to know and help us was Enterprise Bank & Trust. They recognized our challenges and had the expertise to guide us toward solutions that would help our business grow. We look forward to a continued relationship.


What is the impact on your business?

Maintaining a strong relationship with Enterprise and relying on their insight helps us take advantage of market opportunities. We realize this is not a one-way street. It is also our responsibility to keep Enterprise informed and up to date on our business plans and financial information. If we do that well, together, we are better prepared to take advantage of those market opportunities in a timely manner. For us, it’s not so much the products as it is the relationship and how agile it allows us to be day to day.