User Guides: Business Banking

Online Banking User Guides

TopicDescriptionVideoUser Guide
ACH File Import
Learn how to directly import CSV files to generate a complete ACH file in Enterprise's online banking.Business Banking: ACH File ImportACH File Import User Guide PDF
ACH Payment Creation
Learn how to create a new ACH payment, set up a recurring transaction, add recipients, and draft transactions in Enterprise's online banking.Business Banking: ACH Payment CreationACH Payment Creation User Guide
Payments: Recipient Management
Learn how to manage recipients of ACH and wire transfers in online banking.Business Banking: Recipient ManagementRecipient Management User Guide
Payroll: Splitting Transactions
Learn how to split transactions in online banking.Business Banking: Splitting Payroll TransactionsSplit Transactions User Guide
Tax Payments
Learn how to make tax payments in online banking.Business Banking: Tax PaymentsTax Payments User Guide
Templates for ACH and Wire Transfers
Learn how to create a commercial template for ACH and wire transfers within Enterprise online banking.Business Banking: Creating Commercial TemplatesCommercial Templates User Guide
User Management
Learn how to add new users, set entitlements and limits, and view user transactions.Business Banking: User ManagementNon-corporate User Management User Guide

Positive Pay User Guides

TopicDescriptionVideoUser Guide
Newly Issued Check
Learn how to add a newly issued check within Enterprise Positive Pay.Positive Pay: Add New Issue CheckDownload User Guide →
Check Search Page
Learn how to utilize the Check Search feature within Enterprise Positive Pay.Positive Pay: Utilizing Check SearchDownload User Guide →
Submitting Issued Check File
Learn how to submit an issued check file in Enterprise Positive Pay.Positive Pay: Submit Issued Check FileDownload User Guide →
Quick Exception Processing
Learn how to utilize Enterprise Positive Pay's Quick Exception Processing feature.Positive Pay: Quick Exception ProcessingDownload User Guide →

Credit Card Administrator Training

TopicDescriptionVideoUser Guide
eZBusiness Card Management
Learn how to utilize eZBusiness Card Management to create and close cards, change limits, see cards and balances, download statements and more.Positive Pay: Add New Issue CheckDownload User Guide →