Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments - FAQs

Q. Do I need to apply for a new card or PIN or enroll in P2P to send money?

You only need an existing debit card tied to an account at our FI and the associated debit card PIN. Assuming you already use our online banking system, there are no downloads. Just log in to online banking and navigate to the Transactions > Send Money page.

Q. Do I need to register for the P2P service? 

Yes. Upon the initial visit to P2P, you will accept the terms and conditions and be asked to enter your debit card number along with the expiration date. You will not need to enter this information again unless the original card expires or otherwise becomes ineligible and needs to be deleted. 

Q. Is there a cost to use P2P?

There may be a fee applied only to the sending transaction, as determined by the FI. The recipient pays no fee and receives the full amount you choose to send. 

Q. Is this service available outside of the United States?

Currently, the service is only available to eligible transaction accounts within the United States.

Q. Are funds removed from my account immediately? 

Sending funds is similar to an ATM withdrawal–funds are immediately debited from your account. The timing of when funds are received depends on the recipient. If the recipient uses a debit card in a participating network (Star, NYCE, Pulse, Shazam, CU24, or Accel), the funds will be available immediately. Otherwise, the transaction is processed via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network and funds will be available in 1 to 3 business days, depending on the receiving FI’s process. 

Q. Can I send funds as an ACH transaction with P2P? 

No, you can only send funds by selecting a registered DDA account (that is, an account that is already linked to a debit card) on the Transactions > Send Money page. 

Q. If I have an account at another FI that does not use P2P, can I send money from that account? 

While any eligible account can receive funds, only accounts authorized through our FI can be used to send funds. 

Q. How do I know P2P is secure?

P2P is built into online banking, which includes many security features designed to protect your financial information. P2P also utilizes a scrambling PIN pad that requires PIN entry by mouse or touch screen; a PIN cannot be entered by typing numbers. This feature helps keep the transaction secure if your device is infected with viruses or malware that track keystrokes. In addition, the PIN is encrypted so it never travels across payment channels as a numeric PIN.