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After a 17-year career in law, Jackie Tapia, CEO and founder of Living Macro, began a new career as an author, podcaster and transformational life coach. Learn how Jackie’s philosophy, “The AMIGA Way,” blends corporate strategy with individual empowerment to help women overcome limiting beliefs and become better leaders.

“‘AMIGA’: Asking powerful questions, being very mindful of it, doing an investigation, leaning into gratitude, and then in the end, making sure that there is alignment in everything.”



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Welcome to, a podcast from Enterprise Bank & Trust that's empowering business leaders one conversation at a time. We'll hear from different business leaders about how they found success in cultivating their professional networks and keeping them healthy and strong. I'm your host Alana Muller, an entrepreneurial executive leader whose primary focus is to connect, inspire and empower community. We at Enterprise Bank & Trust thank you for tuning in to another episode.

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Friends, welcome back to podcast. I'm so pleased to welcome Jackie Tapia to the show today. Jackie is CEO and founder of Living Macro. She left her 17-year career in law to pursue a new career as an author, podcaster and transformational life coach, specializing in empowering women to overcome their limiting beliefs and find their soul's purpose. Jackie exemplifies "The AMIGA Way," a holistic approach blending corporate strategy with individual empowerment, paving the way for enduring success. Jackie Tapia, welcome to podcast.

Jackie Tapia 1:12
Oh my God, thank you so much for having me here. I'm so excited to share with your audience.

Alana Muller 1:18
Well, I cannot wait, let's jump in. I'm eager for you to tell us about Living Macro and all about "The AMIGA Way." So, let's start. Can you tell us more about your transition from law to becoming an author, podcaster and life coach? Because that seems like a big jump from something in a very professional capacity to something where you're really pursuing a purpose and a passion.

Jackie Tapia 1:41
Oh, thank you for that question. What I can come to is the fact that, when you are on the quest of unlocking your most hidden potential, and you speak to your Divine Self, and your higher self, all these gifts come pouring in. And I realized that my capabilities as a lawyer extend far beyond the practice of law, far beyond going to court defending, representing. And those are the things that I had ignored for a long time, but curiosity in, "Okay, I'm not just a lawyer. I'm more than that."

Jackie Tapia 2:26
And not to say that lawyering is bad, it's not at all, it's just... I found that when I really was digging deep into my authentic journey, I realized that in this exploration, that I was destined for more. So the message was loud and clear in my heart that my gift and my talent was more than using my voice in a courtroom, that what I was gifted was to empower amigas across the globe, and to share the message that we get to awaken to our biggest, most outlandish selves. And practicing law for me was not the way to do it.

Alana Muller 3:13
Well, you talk about kind of this new way, "The AMIGA Way." So, let's talk more about that. What is it and how does it deliver results for your clients?

Jackie Tapia 3:21
I had to go back to the lawyering self. When you go to law school, they teach you these fundamentals on how to approach a case. So, using these fundamental skills, learned in law school, and then practicing every day as a lawyer, I then used that and added to it. And I realized, "Okay, I have discovered more than just a methodology." I thought, "Whoa, it's a philosophy that is rooted in principles of empowerment." So, using what I already have in solving problems, I then get to empower amigas across the globe by teaching them what is my last component of "The AMIGA Way," which is alignment.

Jackie Tapia 4:08
And what I have found is that in delving really deeply into this blueprint, "The AMIGA Way," I realized that I was fostering strengths in every person that I interacted with, using the legal skills with these empowerment skills. So, then I married them all together, and came out with "AMIGA," which is... basically you're asking powerful questions, you are being very mindful of it, and you're doing an investigation, leaning into gratitude, and then in the end, making sure that there is alignment in everything.

Alana Muller 4:52
I love that. So AMIGA is really the acronym for those components. And so, do your clients come to you? Do they come up to you with a dream? Do they come to you with a problem? Do they come to you with a challenge? What is the hook that you sort of grab on to, to really shepherd your client through the process?

Jackie Tapia 5:12
What I have learned is that the struggles that I had, and I continue to have here and there, are basically the same struggles that other women are having. And so what I've been able to do is use myself as an example, and pitch the program to my future customers in a way where it really aligns with them, because the words are, "Are you frustrated in your profession? Are you overwhelmed? Because believe me, I've been there."

Jackie Tapia 5:45
And that's where the alignment component of, "The AMIGA Way" is all about. Because I have a lot of career women, a lot of professionals, really CEOs, at the top of their careers. And they find themselves, some of them, in a very lonely position. And I get it, I'm able to empathize with them, because I once was there. And so the amigas that come in and participate in the courses and the workshops, they come in first one way, and then they come out saying another thing, it's so crazy. Some of them are like, they're at the top of their game, but they don't have the education behind them. And so that's their imposter syndrome. Right?

Alana Muller 6:27

Jackie Tapia 6:28
And when they end with me, they're like, "Jackie, I'm so grateful that I took this course because now I have the words, the words to express myself." Knowing that words carry a vibration, whether it be good or bad. And so they're able to decipher and realize that, "Okay, maybe I don't need to speak in this instance. Sometimes it's just better to be silent and listen." I really get an array of beautiful souls that come into this program and I learn from them deeply because I... as much... you know, I say, "Oh, I've done all the work..." I've done a lot of work, but I continue to grow with them as well.

Alana Muller 7:12
They're teaching you too, right? They're teaching you.

Jackie Tapia 7:15
Yeah, yeah. If you could say it's a very democratic process, where I hold space for them. But you know, it gives me an opportunity to look back and be like, they're also holding space for me.

Alana Muller 7:29
Sure, well, okay. So, I want to sort of launch from there, you and I have spoken before. And you once told me that you operate in the space where the, "woo meets the do," and I just love that. What does that mean to you? You've talked about words having vibrations, you've talked about kind of these beautiful souls coming together. So, when you think of this notion of where the, "woo meets the do," what does it mean? And how have you found balance between the two, sort of this esoteric self and then the very operational get-things-done self? And do those things ever come in conflict with one another?

Jackie Tapia 8:07
I know, right? See, I think that society has told us that they do come in conflict. And I don't believe that to be true. And I'll tell you this, it's in finding the synergy, rather than the conflict. Because although some of us grew up thinking, like, you can't talk about politics and religion at the dinner table, because that stirs conflict. But I will tell you, no, because if you open the dialogue, there's mutual respect for one another. So, why should there be conflict? There's only a conflict if you want it to be.

Jackie Tapia 8:45
And so for me, "Where the woo meets the do," it's when… it's like spirituality, it encapsulates what action is. So, it's basically where you can use your intuition and use that to act accordingly. It doesn't have to be separate. I actually find that I take a step forward once I check in with my divine self, my higher self, my God, because I feel like there's this wisdom, this power of the divine self in you. And then you go and do the deeper integrative work, then you realize that every action you take, whether it's in corporate America, whether it's in your own business, it's going to be aligned. Because again, alignment is the ultimate goal. Just because you're doing a certain action, day in day out, doesn't necessarily mean it's in alignment with you. So there's an integration, there's not a friction, there's no split, you're whole, wholeheartedly. There's this synergistic vibe, if you will.

Jackie Tapia 9:54
It's really interesting because as I'm like, unleashing different programs and workshops and like, what tends to work better, if you will, I have come to realize, for my top peak performers who've been told, "You can't talk about politics, you can't talk about religion in the workplace," and whatnot. They come to me and they're like, "Jackie, you have this new workshop I want to be a part of." And the new workshop that I'm doing is called, "Dios y Negocio" like polarizing, if you will, right? Because we've been told you shouldn't talk about God in business. So, these ladies that showed up, I was like, "Whoa, I'm onto something. I'm onto something." And so, I feel like that's the woo. The woo is meeting its do.

Alana Muller 10:44
Well, you know, I always tell people in my own life, I violate that rule about religion and politics in the workplace every day of my life. And that said, I think it's so part of our culture, it's so part of the media, everything around us. However, to your point, if we can't have a civil conversation about something, then maybe it's the wrong audience, right? It's the wrong person to engage with. And so, I love your notion about alignment that if you can understand who your audience is, and bring forth some of those notions at the right time, I think it can be really powerful.

Jackie Tapia 11:17
Absolutely, absolutely. And I mean, there's no reason that they be separate. I've always believed in my heart, even though I couldn't say it as a lawyer going to court and engaging in matters that are cases and stuff like that. But inside of me, I knew that, okay, I have this gift, and I want to share it, and maybe this is not the proper forum anymore for me. And that's what I'm telling you about the alignment part of it. Because I felt very shunned, if you will, like I couldn't speak up about what really I was passionate about.

Alana Muller 11:59
Well, okay, so understanding the foundational elements in the background, and sort of this notion of a platform, or a set of principles. Is there something that you're working on now that you're especially excited about? Something that you're doing that's enhancing, "The AMIGA Way," or the work that you're doing for Living Macro?

Jackie Tapia 12:16
Oh, yes, absolutely. Actually, there's a couple of things. Like I just mentioned, “Dios y Negocio”, which means “God and Business.” We did a dinner series not too long ago, and we are working on a retreat in October to Cancun, Mexico. And there's like this beautiful sanctuary over there. So, I think it's going to be, not only prolific for some women, but I also believe it's going to be beautiful in the business connection. I think it's going to be amazing, I've done several retreats in the past, but this one will be a lot more spiritual, for sure. A lot more.

Alana Muller 12:57
Very nice.

Jackie Tapia 12:58
Yeah. And then I'm working on this on a potential film with a director. So, there's something coming...

Alana Muller 13:07

Jackie Tapia 13:09
I can't believe I'm saying it, but there's something brewing, and I'm excited for it.

Alana Muller 13:14
I mean, you're sort of speaking it into existence. I love it. The universe is going to deliver for you.

Jackie Tapia 13:19
Yes. There's a couple of things I'm working on. And obviously I have my podcast, which it's been in existence since 2020. And I'm just excited for all the wonderful things. So, that's where I'm at right now. Yeah, yeah.

Alana Muller 13:35
That's great. Well, talk about some of the other people in your life. I'd love to know, do you have a mentor or somebody in your life who has made a meaningful impact on your career journey?

Jackie Tapia 13:44
Oh, absolutely. I mean, I have several. But the first one is Martha de la Torre. She's actually the one that tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Jackie, I think I have something that is going to work for your business." And it's going to work, because it worked for her. And that's where my spiritual journey began. She showed me what personal development was, and what it’s done for her career. And I am so grateful that she picked me. I feel like she's like my human angel. I have all these human angels. And I have my celestial court, too. So, I know that wherever I get to go is because I am fully supported by from the above and from the land. So, Martha de la Torre, I love you to death and I'm going to probably meet up for lunch on Thursday, so I'm excited.

Alana Muller 14:41
Is there one piece of advice or something in particular that she shared with you that is something you carry with you?

Jackie Tapia 14:47
You need not know the details, you just need to know that you're gonna get there.

Alana Muller 15:20
Oh that's great. Really, really great.

Jackie Tapia 14:58
Yeah, she's like, don't fester over the details. You know, I remember going to law school and the professor used to say, "The devils are in the details." And they certainly are. So, don't focus on them, just go at your end game, focus on that. Chances are there'll be some derailment in it. But what's important is that you have a goal and you're focused on it, and you keep going. I keep telling my daughter that when she gets frustrated with something, it's like, "You only have two more weeks left, just make them extraordinary." Two weeks of school. Because if they can focus on the end, and not on what's happening in the day-to-day life, and the fear and the anxiety and the depression and all those things, let's focus on the end goal. So, once you do, then everything else subsides. Everything else subsides.

Alana Muller 15:51
So true. I appreciate that so much. Well, as you and I have discussed before, you know, there's, there's this one question I ask every guest at the conclusion of our interviews, and I have to ask you, and that question is this: If you could meet with one person living, not living, fictional or nonfictional? Who would it be and why? And you're just gonna go grab a cup of coffee with them.

Jackie Tapia 16:12
Oh, it'll be with Bono, all the way.

Alana Muller 16:15
Bono, I love it. That's great.

Jackie Tapia 16:18
You know... and let me tell you something. You would think it'd be like, oh, with Pope Francis, or it's going to be Oprah or Deepak Chopra, or any of those gurus, right? And here's why I say Bono and not them: because I will meet them in person. Bono, not too sure.

Alana Muller 16:42
We have to, we have to, again, sort of speak this to the universe and tell the universe to deliver him to you.

Jackie Tapia 16:47
Yes, I would love that. My husband was trying to deliver him for my 50th, but oh well. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Alana Muller 16:56
Or other birthdays. Right?

Jackie Tapia 16:57
That's right, that's right. I'll still have a 51, I'll have a 52. Yes.

Alana Muller 17:02
That's right, exactly.

Jackie Tapia 17:04
I'll be living here for a long time so it can happen.

Alana Muller 17:06
That's exactly right. You got it. Well, Jackie Tapia, I just love talking with you. You're just full of joy and energy, I appreciate that. Where can our listeners go to learn more about you and about Living Macro?

Jackie Tapia 17:17
Oh, absolutely. Thank you for that. Okay, so you can check my website, which is And I'm always on Instagram, and it's Jackie_Tapia.1. Facebook, I'm Jacqueline Tapia because I'm still kind of "attorney-ish" there. And then also, I actually have a beautiful meditation piece that you can grab a link on my website. And if you're interested in having a coaching call with me, please make an appointment with me. I can definitely have that available to you. We can do like a 20-minute strategy session. It's my gift for the first five people that come and email me at [email protected].

Alana Muller 18:11
You got it. Well, Jackie Tapia, thank you for being part of podcast.

Jackie Tapia 18:15
No, thank you so much for having me here. I really appreciate it and have a lovely day.

Alana Muller 18:22
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