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Listen as host Alana Muller breaks down a previous segment and provides practical advice to help you grow your professional network. Hear Carlanda McKinney’s key message from the cited episode, Intentional Networking, to learn how the founder and CEO of Bodify defines her goals to help her find value in every professional interaction.

“I started approaching every interaction, every conversation with my intention to have people who are going to support me, who are aligned with my vision.”



Alana Muller 00:09
Welcome to Enterprise.ing, a podcast from Enterprise Bank & Trust that's empowering business leaders one conversation at a time. We'll hear from different business leaders about how they found success in cultivating their professional networks and keeping them healthy and strong. I'm your host Alana Muller, an entrepreneurial executive leader whose primary focus is to connect, inspire and empower community. We at Enterprise Bank & Trust thank you for tuning in to another episode.

Hello, listeners, welcome back to Enterprise.ing podcast. I want to change things up a little bit today. Recently, I was going through the Enterprise.ing podcast catalog and I was blown away by the remarkable and talented guests that we've had on the program. So for today, and from time to time going forward. I'd like to recall some of the useful advice shared previously and give you, our listeners, some tactical ideas for putting that advice to use.

First up, I want to go back to Episode 11, which featured the impressive and entrepreneurial Carlanda McKinney. Carlanda is the founder and CEO of Bodify, a personalized, streamlined way to find what fits when shopping for clothes online. Let's listen back to part of my conversation with Carlanda.

Can you talk about a relationship that you've had or an interaction you've had with one person that resulted in a breakthrough for you, either personally or professionally?

Carlanda McKinney: 1:37
Yes. So recently, I participated in a business accelerator called FourthWave. And it is centered around women founders, and one of my mentors through that program, her name was Goly. And we were kind of having this conversation, I was really frustrated about something that was going on in my startup. And she made the comment of just, “set your intention.” And, you know, “don't worry about the things that are not for you.” What I was frustrated about was an investor that had kind of bowed out, right?

I was really down about it. She goes, "But is your intention to have aligned investors or is your intention to have any investor?"

Alana Muller: 2:25
Smart, very smart.

Carlanda McKinney: 2:27
I'm like, "Well, it's to have aligned investors." That conversation, we went deeper into what is your intention and what are you trying to attract and what are you trying to bring. I started approaching every interaction, every conversation with my intention to have people who are going to support me, who are aligned with my vision, who I will not feel the X, Y, and Z way, I won't feel belittled, I won't feel this or that. When I just set that as the intention, I feel less distraught about things that don't go my way.

Alana Muller 3:05
I just love what Carlanda pointed out. That is, approach every interaction, every conversation with intention and focus on what you are trying to attract.

Listeners, my question to you is this: What does intentional networking mean to you? How do you ensure that you are intentional about building better, more meaningful professional relationships?

I know for myself, intentionality is all about being present, being mindful, and being thoughtful about the manner in which we go about building relationships. More specifically, presence means carving out this time to be here right now. It means that you are specific about your interactions, it means that you are paying attention, you're engaged, you're asking questions, and you're experiencing this very moment.

Synergistically, mindfulness is defined as, “The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” In the context of networking, being mindful means thinking about who you want to connect, or reconnect with, and why? It means thinking about what you can do to be helpful to those individuals. That means following through to be of service and honoring your commitment.

And, to borrow from Carlanda’s words, think about what, or should I say who, you are trying to attract. Surround yourself with the types of people who you want to learn from, who you admire, who you hope to build a long term trusting relationship with. That's being intentional.

With appreciation to you, dear listeners, for tuning in to another episode of Enterprise.ing podcast and to Carlanda McKinney for sharing her wisdom.

If you haven't heard it already, be sure to check out Carlanda’s Enterprise.ing episode number 11, entitled “Carlanda McKinney on Intentional Networking.” You can find it at enterprisebank.com/podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. I look forward to connecting with you next time on Enterprise.ing podcast.

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