All Pro Technical Service Sees 10% Efficiency Boost From ACH, Remote Deposit Services

A conversation with Jennifer Warren, Accounting Manager, All Pro Technical Service, Inc.


All Pro Technical Service, Inc.

Business Snapshot

All Pro Technical Service provides expertise in product identification, delivering marking and coding solutions to customers that need to mark their products during production with lot numbers, batch codes, “sell by” dates and more. They specialize in the repair and refurbishment of continuous inkjet printers and CO2 lasers and can provide on-site service as well as a full-service repair shop.

Business Leader

Jennifer Warren, Accounting Manager


St. Charles, MO

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What are the biggest challenges you face as a business?

From a financial standpoint, maximizing our cash flow is key. We need to be sure we are utilizing technologies that support cash flow efficiency so we can use that cash in the best way for our business. We are also constantly seeking out ways to ensure our staff has tools to make them as efficient as possible. This allows them to focus on what matters most in their individual job functions.

"Through working with Enterprise, we’ve been able to build business relationships in our community. We’ve established that connection with them and with local business leaders."
Jennifer Warren, Accounting Manager All Pro Technical Service, Inc.

How did Enterprise help solve these challenges?

They’ve been good about making recommendations that save us time and money, and improve our cash flow. Our previous bank could not accommodate direct deposit payroll, so I had to open a separate checking account just for payroll clearing. I wound up having to go to the bank five or six times a month to make deposits to cover payroll. The money would have to be in that account several days ahead of time, so that cash wasn’t available to us during that time.

Another thing that has saved me a lot of time is remote deposit. Our last bank allowed only eight deposits per month, so I wound up holding onto checks so I didn’t exceed my deposit limit. That’s another example of where that money could have been working for us, but it was sitting on my desk. Now, I regularly use remote deposit, and that cash is available to the business so we can focus on growth.


What is the impact on your business?

I did the math and figured out I’m about 10% more efficient now based on using these various technologies. With Enterprise’s ACH service, everything is automated. No more trips to the bank and juggling money between accounts. And improving our cash flow position has helped in so many ways. We have more flexibility to spend when and how we want, and there is less worry overall about our cash position. We are running a tighter, more efficient ship, and that has positively impacted us in so many ways.