Enterprise Bank & Trust Foundation Announces Partnership with St. Louis Makes

Enterprise Bank & Trust has formed a partnership with St. Louis Makes to help promote the manufacturing industry as a key contributor of growth to the St. Louis economy.

A manufacturing-focused nonprofit organization, St. Louis Makes offers privately-owned manufacturing companies best practices in new product innovation, product management and business development. The industry organization provides education and training, market analysis, learning events and networking to help manufacturers grow sales and profitability.

"We are excited to partner with Enterprise Bank & Trust, a community bank based in St. Louis. From procurement to distribution, they understand the complexities of this industry and the importance of growing manufacturing in St. Louis."
Marc Bowers, President St. Louis Makes

The manufacturing industry is big business for St. Louis and continues to be one of the leaders for job growth in the area, representing close to 3,500 area businesses and nearly 10 percent of the workforce (Infogroup, Inc. and Esri, 2019). More than almost any other industry, manufacturing is a capital-intensive business with a tricky cycle of cash flow and payments. Financial service providers like Enterprise are in a unique position to help manufacturers access the latest technology, equipment and updated supply chain models that can make them more competitive. 

“The strategic partnership with St. Louis Makes is consistent with our mission to guide people to a lifetime of financial success. We’re committed to helping make St. Louis a place manufacturing business owners want to be,” says Doug Bauche, St. Louis President, Enterprise Bank & Trust. 

About St. Louis Makes 
St. Louis Makes is a nonprofit that is industry led, industry supported and industry funded. St. Louis Makes helps companies scale-up revenue. St. Louis Makes is a network of privately owned manufacturing companies focused on revenue growth and profit improvement.