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Beware of Amazon Phishing Scam

December 15, 2016

Are you doing a lot of your holiday shopping on Amazon.com? We know we are! Be on the lookout, though. Some shoppers are receiving emails that appear they’re from Amazon about your order not being shipped, but are really these are just clever fake emails.

The fake emails state that a recent order cannot be shipped due to problems processing their customer information. This email is saying, in order to process your shipment you must confirm information so they can access their accounts or place future orders. Once clicking on the supplied link, you are taken to a page that is a fake where you are instructed to enter information such as: name, address and credit card information.

There are many ways to identify whether this email is a phishing scam:

  • If the fake email is "from" an Internet provider other than @amazon.com, it's is a fraud.
  • Make sure the email link is from a secure source that displays "https" and not just "http."
  • Never access a page from an external email link.

Amazon officials say if customers are concerned about orders placed from the retail site, they should go to Amazon.com and confirm email details match order information under "Your Orders."

If you believe you have responded to this email or any other fraudulent emails and provided your Enterprise account information, please call our Client Services Officers at 800-396-8141.

For more information on fraud, check out how to Identify the Top 4 Types of Fraud.

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