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Behavioral Health Liaison Helps Clients Rebuild Their Lives


Not long ago, a COMTREA client walked 13 miles to see Megan Swaback, his Community Behavioral Health Liaison at COMTREA. He was in crisis, and his cell phone wasn’t working. The man, who is homeless, had been struggling with anger and depression, which had gotten him in trouble with local police.

His lack of shelter created many barriers to his care, Megan says. Before coming to COMTREA, he refused medication, had no means of transportation other than walking, and used propane to cook his meals and stay warm. Fortunately, the local police knew who to call to help him get treatment.


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“Thankfully he made his way to us. This is a man who is truly committed to his care,” Megan says. “He has taken every service we have offered to him and used it to help him gain his footing in life.” Those services include access to a food pantry, assistance with budgeting, help getting prescription medications, and help getting clothing and blankets during the coldest days of winter.

COMTREA is a nonprofit health care provider serving the Jefferson County, Missouri region and surrounding areas. The organization provides a multitude of services — including medical, dental and psychiatric care — at nine locations throughout the region. COMTREA also created A Safe Place, the only emergency shelter for domestic violence in Jefferson County, and Mary’s House of Hope, the only transitional housing for victims of domestic violence in the region as they transition out of the emergency shelter.

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Enterprise is proud to donate to COMTREA and Mary’s House of Hope, and support critical services that help individuals as they strive to build a safe, healthy and financially independent future. Enterprise associates regularly attend and volunteer at COMTREA’s community events. “COMTREA and Enterprise have a nearly 30-year relationship that is embedded into the fabric of this community,” says Steve Albart, St. Louis Regional President at Enterprise.

Megan says that as a nonprofit, the organization relies on the generosity of business and community partnerships. It’s easy to make the connection, she says, that such partnerships have a great impact on their ability to provide these much-needed services to the region.

“My client is a perfect example of the impact we are able to make on people’s lives,” Megan says. “He is one of the most grateful people I have ever worked with. He says thank you every time I see him, even if we cannot solve all of his problems at once. To me, that is a great gift.”

Megan Swaback frequently meets with local law enforcement officer Racheal Ragle to discuss casework and client progress.


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