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Are You Working on Your ROIQ?

March 7, 2017

Kay Erb, VP, Director of Enterprise University

Introducing Enterprise University, One of The Smartest Way To Improve Your Business.

The business world doesn’t need another buzzword acronym like ROIQ (Return On Intelligence Quotient), but education is the only guarantee to improving any business. No matter how many blogs or business books you read, you can’t beat the classroom and collaborative environment of Enterprise University or the return on investment. Especially since classes are offered at no cost to you!

If your business has a problem, why not learn proven strategies from the professionals and other business owners? Enterprise University allows you to learn and network with other experts and thought leaders in your community.

The course list at Enterprise University is always adapting to the latest business trends and covers an immense number of topics to help your business. Each class is standalone, finished in a morning, and will leave you with immediate actionable knowledge, a more diversified network and new tools to help your business.

Over the past decade, 16,000 business leaders have experienced the benefits of continuing their business education with Enterprise University. Are you ready to improve your ROIQ?

Check out the course list today. Signing up will be one of the smartest thing you do for your business. Or as a recent Enterprise University alumnus stated after attending a course, “It shakes my brain!”




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