Collections & Disbursements

Maximize your cash flow through efficiency

Need to speed up the collection of funds, reduce or eliminate manual payment processing or improve funds availability? Our collection and disbursement solutions can help.

Lockbox Solutions

You can reduce the time and expense of collecting payments by decreasing the mail and processing “float” associated with your remittances. Lockbox features include:

  • Fully imaged portal that provides online access to checks and all remittance data
  • Automated processing that reduces errors and improves staff productivity
  • Easier reconciliation through importing payment and invoice details into your system

Merchant Processing

Process all major payment types of credit and debit transactions with ease, including:

  • State-of-the-art processing methods and technology, including mobile processing solutions and tablet-based point-of-sale systems
  • Proactive Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance program to ensure our merchants are protected


As an ACH originator, we provide you the ability to initiate credit and debit entries for ACH payment types, including payroll processing, vendor payments, tax payments and collections (from customers, tenants, members, donors and more). 

Our Wire solution allows you to send or receive funds securely from one bank to another with specific instructions for immediate payment and settlement, both domestically and internationally. 

Through our online payment platform, you can: 

  • Securely receive and collect funds from your clients and vendors
  • Improve your cash position
  • Take advantage of optional EDI reporting and automation

Remote Deposit

You can scan and securely transmit checks via our online platform or your mobile device, saving you trips to the bank and providing quicker access to your cash.

Enterprise Automated Payables (EAP)

You can automate your invoice-to-payment process with Enterprise Bank & Trust’s integrated accounts payable platform, including invoice capture, invoice approval, payment authorization and payment execution. There are many benefits to EAP, including: 

  • Saves you time
  • Reduces errors
  • Provides bi-directional sync with your accounting system
  • Easily integrates with your Positive Pay fraud protection
  • Mitigates risk with segregation of duties
  • Drives revenue with a monthly cash rebate via our card solutions

Controlled Disbursement

Actively manage your daily cash position with same-day morning notification of the exact dollar amount of checks that will be clearing your account that night. Utilizing controlled disbursement will help eliminate idle balances, avoid overdrafts and better control payments.

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