A complete suite of services for seamless global transactions

Doing business overseas doesn’t have to be difficult. Our international team works closely with you to determine your best solution, making intimidating scenarios achievable. Our focus on understanding your unique business needs means seamless transactions, executed with precision to help you conduct business and expand into foreign markets.

Our robust suite of international products are processed in-house, rather than handed over to a larger bank who doesn’t know you or understand your business - creating efficiencies and the comfort that comes with all your transactions being handled under one roof. We happily partner with larger global banks as your needs dictate, while always advocating for your needs first. 

Our international products include:

  • FX currency exchange spot and forward contracts, which enable you to conduct global business effectively while mitigating the risk of currency fluctuation.
  • International USD and FX wire payments, allowing you to send and receive global payments in USD or foreign currency. 
  • Deposit foreign checks into your account at any of our convenient branch locations (note that foreign checks take longer to clear than a check drawn off of a domestic bank)
  • Letters of credit commercial/standby, which help mitigate the credit risk and/or political risk, whereby a payment to the seller is guaranteed by the bank. Also used for domestic transactions, these letters of credit are commonly used as collateral support of leases, supply agreements or construction projects. 
  • Documentary collections, which allow the importer and exporter to exchange goods for payment based on commercial shipping documents from their respective banks. 
  • Foreign currency, allowing account holders to buy local currency at any of our branch locations before you travel, and buying back unused currency when you return. Foreign currency orders typically take just a day or two to arrive.

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