Investment & Sweep Accounts

Maximize potential earnings of your cash reserves

Enterprise offers a variety of investment, sweep and concentration solutions that will put your funds to work. 

You make deposits, write checks, wire funds, etc., and we automatically transfer funds to and from your sweep investment account on a daily basis. Our sweeps are same-day, end-of-day transfers, giving you full liquidity and real-time access to your Enterprise balances. 

We offer:

  • ZBA - Zero Balance Accounts
  • Loan/Investment Sweeps
  • Money Market Sweeps
  • Repo Sweeps
  • Insured Cash Sweeps (ICS), fully FDIC insured through the IntraFi Network
  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS), fully FDIC insured through IntraFi Network
"We utilize remote deposit, commercial online banking, ACH positive pay (previously called ACH debit filter), sweep account and corporate credit cards. All of these services combined save us both time and money."
Mary Lynn Faunda Donovan, CFA, Executive Director VOYCE

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