Correspondent Banking

Peer-to-peer advice to help community banks thrive

Enterprise Bank & Trust serves as a correspondent bank, providing services to other financial institutions such as bank holding companies and other community banks. 

As a community bank ourselves, we advise organizations on how to manage the complexities of community banking in an ever-changing regulatory and economic environment. Our customized, peer-to-peer relationships help community banks grow and thrive. 

Our correspondent banking products and services include: 

  • Bank holding company loans for financing acquisitions, capital injections and general working capital. 
  • Executive private banking and wealth management - personal banking for bank owners, senior management and directors. 
  • Money market accounts - commercial money market accounts as an investment alternative for excess funds. 
  • International banking, including foreign exchange, international wires and import/export letters of credit and documentary collections. 
  • State tax credits, which lessen your state tax liability. 
  • 401(k), including fiduciary investment advice, third-party administration for custody services for profit sharing and 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Fed funds liquidity lines - a flexible and reliable source of additional overnight funding. 
  • Participations bought and sold - a reciprocal relationship to assist you in continuing to service the credit needs of your best clients, as well as loan opportunities for your bank by participating in the larger commercial credits of Enterprise. 

As a fellow community bank, we have a unique understanding of the challenges you face and can help you position your bank for success.

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