Historic Tax Credits

Taking on a project in an historic building? There’s a program for you.

If your next project involves an historic building, the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) program may be the right solution for you. 

The HTC program encourages private sector investment in the reuse and rehabilitation of historic buildings. HTCs are tax credits that allow program participants to claim a percentage of eligible improvement expenses against their federal or state tax liability on income-producing properties such as office buildings, rental apartments and retail. 

If you are considering this type of project, it is important to partner with a lender and an investor who understands how the program works and how to efficiently leverage and use the tax credit. We buy, sell, lend and invest in HTCs, so our team of experts is highly experienced in a variety of tax credit lending and investment options, and will partner with you to make the process smooth. 

Purchasing HTCs to reduce your overall state tax liability can be advantageous even for individuals who are not rehabilitating an historic building. Our team can help you determine if you qualify.  

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