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Remote Deposit Solutions
Collect Funds Quickly from Your Office

With Enterprise Remote Deposit Solutions, you will be able to scan checks and transmit them to the bank without ever having to leave your office.  Why take time out of your busy day to deposit checks at the bank when you can easily accomplish this task electronically from the comfort of your office chair?  With our easy-to-use web-based system and compact desktop scanner, you'll save valuable time and money!  

Gone are the days of filling out lengthy deposit slips. With Enterprise Desktop Remote Deposit, you run the checks through a scanner that automatically captures the routing and account number of the payer, as well as the check amount.  After all items are imaged, processed and batched, the system will automatically prepare the deposit slip, virtually endorse each check, and then transmit the images to the bank for processing. 


Remote Deposit Anywhere

Are you away from the office Enterprise Desktop Remote Deposit scanner and don't have time or want to hassle with driving to the bank to deposit that one check? Using your iPhone®or Android™ phone you can make a deposit from virtually anywhere. Perfect for businesses that have low check volumes, those one off checks and those that have sales reps in the field.  No more waiting to collect those funds, get it in the account by just Point. Shoot. Deposit. 

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