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We make it easy to switch to the bank with unmatched service!

You are four simple steps away from becoming an Enterprise Bank & Trust client, experiencing the benefits of innovative products and services that smaller banks can’t match with a level of personalized service larger banks can’t rival. 

Step 1: Apply for an Account 

Visit your Enterprise Bank & Trust branch to open your new account.  
Find the branch closest to you now.

We’ll help you open your new account, order checks and debit cards, set up online banking and enroll in automatic bill pay. 

What you’ll need to open up a personal bank account: 

  • One valid form of ID (e.g. driver’s license, state-issued ID, military ID, passport), date of birth, social security number, home address, phone number, email address, mother’s maiden name and employer information. Please bring the necessary forms (links below) with you to the bank branch when you come in to open your account. 

What you’ll need to open up a business bank account: 

  • The minimum information needed for all types of business accounts includes, legal name, address of business, taxpayer identification number, phone number, type of business and the business must be "Active and in Good Standing" with the state. Other information may be required and is listed below. 
  • Sole Proprietorship: Certificate, trade name or assumed name statement and state registration or business license. 
  • LLC: Articles of organization or certificate of formation, operating agreement and state registration or business license. 
  • Corporation: Articles of incorporation or bylaws, operating agreement and state registration or business license. 
  • Partnership: Partnership agreement or partnership certificate, lists of partners and state registration or business license. 
  • Organization: Bylaws or board of trustee minutes authorizing a bank account or letter from the president naming officers and signatory powers.  
  • Franchise: Franchise agreement. 
  • Trusts: Trust certification and annual report.

Step 2. Make the Switch with a Few Simple Forms

You can bring in these forms in when opening your account to speed up the process. If you’re a business owner, check out details of our easy Transition Plan

  • Review your last three statements to identify automatic payments and direct deposits, including quarterly and annual allocations.  You can use this form to manage your billers.  You will need to contact these companies to make sure they are aware of your new account.
  • Transition your direct and automatic deposits using this form
  • Transition or cancel your automatic payments and withdrawals using these forms
  • If applicable, provide instruction to parties that send you funds by wire using this form
  • To transfer Social Security Payment, Veteran’s Benefits, Military Pay, or Railroad Retirement Benefits, visit link or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. 
  • Once complete, make copies of the forms for your records and send to companies/organizations that are debiting or crediting your account.

 Step 3. We’re Here to Help

  • Enterprise Bank & Trust offers a wide array of accounts designed to fit businesses of/helpbutton.jpg?v=3 any size or your personal account needs with functional services ranging from basic to complex. 
  • When you’re applying for an account, your Business Banking Specialist or Enterprise Bank & Trust contact will counsel you on the best products and services for your individual needs, facilitate the set up and provide you with orientation. 
  • Additional financial statements may be required depending on the services requested. 
  • Business owner? Explore your options to become familiar with our robust mix of Business Banking Products and Services.
  • Looking for personal account options? Explore your options to become familiar with our mix of Checking and Account Choices

Step 4. Make it Official 

  • Your account is official the moment you open it at your Enterprise Bank & Trust location.
  • Once all of your electronic transactions have been transferred, finish the process by completing this form and sending it to your previous financial institution.  
  • Shred any materials from your previous account, including checks, credit or debit cards and deposit slips. If necessary, retain statements for taxes and/or your records. 
For more information on making the switch, see our FAQs and call or visit us at one of our branch locations.  

Start typing the name of a site image or enter the URLHow long will the process take? 

It varies. Completing the paperwork goes as fast as you would like! Capturing all automatic transactions normally takes somewhere between four to six weeks, but it depends on your employer and/or billers’ transactions cycles. We recommend using the Automatic Transaction Inventory List to keep track of transactions as they post to your account. We’re happy to check into your account to let you know when and what transactions have been switched over. You can contact our client service office at 1-800-396-8141 or use online banking to verify these transactions. 

How will I know when my new account is “official”?

Your Enterprise Bank & Trust account is official the moment it is opened prior to switching over any automatic debits and credits.

How will I know when to stop using my previous account? 
Once all of the items on your inventory checklist have posted to your new account at Enterprise Bank & Trust you can stop using your previous account.

How will automatic bill pay transactions be handled? 
You can start using automatic bill pay at any time and we can help you set it up at Enterprise Bank & Trust. We recommend that you contact your previous financial institution and stop any automatic bill payments that might be occurring. 

Will this affect my cash flow? 
It is important to check the current balance of your previous account to determine what items (if any) are still outstanding or have not yet been paid as you might need to use both accounts during the transition period. Once all transactions have been posted, transfer all your funds to your new account at Enterprise Bank & Trust. 

I am an ACH originator. How soon will I be able to send debits or credits to other parties from my new account? 
Please call us at 1-800-396-8141 and we’ll look into your specific account as timing varies based on each individual account.

Have more questions? 
We’re always here to help! You can call us at 1-800-396-8141 or email us at cso@enterprisebank.com.