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Aircraft Financing


With a management team purely dedicated to the aviation industry, Enterprise Aircraft Finance provides a peace-of-mind experience and an expertise that clients expect when choosing an aircraft acquisition partner.

We understand the unique complexities of financing private aircraft and offer a full range of solutions, products and services. This allows us to tailor loan structures seamlessly to meet today’s most demanding aircraft leasing and lending requirements.

Our reputation at Enterprise is one of trust and strong relationships. We deliver aircraft owners and operators the results they deserve for the assets they need. We are as our name implies — business aviation financing.


Owning an airplane starts with proper financing. We help clients find the right financing for their aircraft. We don’t stick to traditional avenues. We work hard to find new and improved ways to accommodate a loan while not assuming more than an acceptable risk factor. At Enterprise Aircraft Finance, we make navigating financing options simple.
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We know what it’s like to finance an airplane as we have financed over 200 aircraft. Our experience with different aircraft includes:

  • Private Jet
  • Turboprop Aircraft
  • Piston Aircraft
  • Amphibious Aircraft
  • Helicopter

At Enterprise Aircraft Finance, we work with all kinds of clients. Whether your business is personal or conventional, we’re here to help create timely, hassle-free and cost-effective financing solutions for your aircraft. We work with you to make sure your flight plans get off the ground as quickly as possible.


When you’re ready to fly, you don’t want to waste time and money jumping through hoops. When you’re ready to buy, you need an experienced team. At Enterprise Aircraft Finance, we are a diverse team with experience inside and outside the office — and we’re ready to help.

/BarryStone.jpg?v=1Barry Stone

Barry Stone is Senior Vice President and Director of Aircraft Finance for Enterprise Bank & Trust Aircraft Finance. He has been in the aviation industry for over 40 years, with 24 years dedicated to financing aircraft. Prior to Enterprise, Barry owned and operated a premier FBO at Spirit of St. Louis Airport serving regional Fortune 100 and 500 companies. He later formed Avtran, LLC, a private aircraft financing business conducting over $350MM in on behalf of 73 different customers worldwide. Barry understands global business and holds a private pilot's license.

/JasonPotter.jpg?v=1Jason Potter

Jason Potter is the Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Bank & Trust Aircraft Finance. He has nine years of experience financing aircraft. In his role at Enterprise, Jason provides support to individuals, corporations, aircraft dealers, charter operations, scheduled airlines and military contractors seeking loan and leasing opportunities for aircraft. His ability to translate financial data into meaningful business language is a comfort for all.