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Aircraft Financial Services

Enterprise Aircraft Finance provides clients with various plan structures to fit each specific need. With average loan values ranging from $500,000–$10,000,000, we have the capital and the tools necessary to finance your aircraft.

Our amortizations typically range from 7-20 years and are accommodated based on the age and utilization of the aircraft.

Bridge loans and short-term interim loans of all types are available to help owners and operators make the best choices for their aircraft having no prepayment penalties.

We realize that not all investments involve a new aircraft, so we also offer loan refinancing for purchaser and operators pursuing used aircraft or avionic upgrades.

If you are searching for any form of aircraft financial support, we can make it happen. Enterprise Aircraft Finance has lending groups dedicated to merger and acquisition financing, tax credit related lending, life insurance premium financing and asset-based lending. 

Dealer Floor Planning

Enterprise Aircraft Finance has a strong appetite for dealer financing providing up to 100 percent of the acquisition price.  This, supported by a six-month loan with interest only payments, is designed to conserve the dealer’s operating cash. Depending on the acquisition price and the associated loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, upgrades such as new paint and interior, inspections and overhauls can be rolled into the loan amount.

Enterprise Aircraft Finance understands the business of buying and selling. Good buys often require the dealer to move quickly, and we know the importance of responding promptly. We can commit within 48 hours of the dealer's submission and close the deal within days.  As Enterprise Aircraft Finance understands all aspects and steps in acquiring aircraft, including title work (FAA and IR), our staff can immediately go to work assisting you — our valued customer.

If you have an aircraft acquisition closing outside of the United States, we have a vast amount of experience: importing aircraft, obtaining a U.S Certificate of Airworthiness, acquiring proper insurance and navigating the flight home.


Capital Leases

Enterprise Aircraft Finance also accommodates capital leases. The asset can be depreciated by agreement while the interest expense component of the lease payment may be deducted as an operational expense providing a tax benefit to the lessee.  If an aircraft is based offshore, a lease structure will provide us the necessary security and comfort to move forward with financing an aircraft operating in a foreign country.

Everyone's tax structure is different. We urge our customers to seek qualified accounting advice before making a decision about lease versus financing options.

If you are considering the acquisition or lease of an aircraft, please contact us. If you anticipate an aircraft being operated in part 135 charter by a competent management air taxi firm, we can custom-tailor the financing to make your acquisition happen. We’re happy to discuss all of your objectives, affording you smooth, simple and straight forward finance options. We think outside the box so you don't have to.

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