Enterprise Bank & Trust

Treasury Management

Enterprise offers a full range of products and services to help you meet the challenge of managing your cash resources.

Whether your goal is:

  • Reducing idle balances to reduce borrowings or increase interest earnings
  • Reducing collection time for receivables to improve cash flow
  • Improving payment methods to enhance cash flow efficiency
  • Increasing automated processing to improve accuracy and reduce labor costs
  • Improving security, internal control and fraud prevention

Enterprise has the solution for you!  Our professional treasury team will assist you in developing a treasury program that meets the unique needs of your business.

Collection – expedite your funds availability

Lockbox allows you to remove the deposit processing function from your business and significantly reduce the time and expense of processing customer payments. It gives you the option to eliminate manual payment posting. It can also reduce your collection time by one, two or even three days.

Merchant Services provides payment processing solutions to help you reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, and minimizing exposure to fraud and risk.

ACH Collection lets you collect payments electronically from your clients…no more waiting to receive and collect paper checks.

Remote Deposit reduces collection time and eliminates the hassle of making deposits by allowing you to electronically deposit checks from the convenience of your office

Disbursement - capitalize on our technology

ACH Payments streamline your accounts payable process, reduce errors and fraud risk and decrease payment processing time and cost. Download the latest on ACH education.

Controlled Disbursement helps you to make effective borrowing and investment decisions by giving you access to daily funding totals and intra-day account information.

Electronic Payroll Funding lowers your payroll processing costs, eliminates the hassle of lost and stolen pay checks and simplifies the reconcilement process

Fraud Protection – minimize your risk exposure

Positive Pay Check protection reduces the risk of paying fraudulent checks and allows you to review and return unauthorized items

Electronic Debit protection safeguards against unauthorized electronic charges to your account