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Treasury Management

Meet the challenge of managing your cash resources with solutions tailored to you.

Your business’s unique financial needs should be supported by your treasury plan. The Enterprise Commercial Treasury Suite is a comprehensive solution developed for and tailored to your organization. Whether your goal is:

  • Reducing idle balances to reduce borrowings or increase interest earnings
  • Reducing collection time for receivables to improve cash flow
  • Improving payment methods to enhance cash flow efficiency
  • Increasing automated processing to improve accuracy and reduce labor costs
  • Improving security, internal control and fraud prevention

Enterprise works with you to fit the needs of each component of your treasury cycle  – collection, concentration, disbursement, investment and control.

To find out how our treasury options can help you boost your cash position, download our best practice brief and free up your money.


Lockbox Solutions

You can reduce the time and expense of processing payments by decreasing the mail and collection “float” associated with your remittances.

Merchant Processing Solutions

Process all major payment types of credit and debit transactions with ease. provides payment processing solutions to help you reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, and minimizing exposure to fraud and risk.

ACH and Wire Solutions

Collect funds from your clients and vendors in a secure manner and conduct a variety of transactions quickly and easily. Learn more about ACH by downloading the latest on ACH education.

Remote Deposit Solutions 

You can scan and securely transmit checks via our online platform or your mobile device, saving you trips to the bank and providing quicker access to your cash.


Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

You can feel confident you are effectively managing your funds in the most efficient manner through automatic consolidation. As items are credited or debited on a ZBA, funds are automatically transferred to/from the master account, keeping the account at a zero balance. This process is fully automated and requires no manual intervention.

Loan Sweep

You can save time and interest expense by utilizing idle funds in your operating account to pay down your line of credit in an automated fashion. As your cash position changes, the loan sweep reacts to your cash flow needs in order to maximize overall return.


In addition to ACH payments, domestic/international wire transfers, controlled disbursement, direct deposit of payroll and our automation tools, Enterprise offers you multiple commercial card payment options.

Enterprise Bank & Trust Visa - Preferred Corporate T&E Platinum Card1

This program offers large credit lines for corporate payment needs. The card has no annual fees and offers online tools that make it easier for you to manage the program. The product also offers automated monthly cash back rebates and doesn’t require you to manage points.

Enterprise Bank & Trust Visa - Preferred Purchasing Platinum Card1

This program offers Visa Payables Automation (VPA), which allows your company to efficiently pay vendors with exact match and single use accounts. It can help you improve your cash flow and offers automated monthly cash back rebates.


Enterprise offers a variety of investment solutions that put your funds to work. Sweep accounts function just like regular checking accounts. You make deposits, write checks, wire funds, etc. and we automatically transfer any excess funds to your sweep investment account. This gives you full liquidity and real-time access to your Enterprise balances.

Money Market Sweep Accounts

Interest-bearing accounts that automate the investment of your funds.

Loan/Investment Sweep Accounts

Accounts that work just like a loan sweep, with the added benefit of earning interest whenever your line of credit is paid down and excess funds are available.

Other Investment Options

Enterprise Bank & Trust also provides money market accounts, CDs, repo sweeps and mutual fund sweeps.


Prevent check and ACH debit fraud with confidence and assurance.

Payee Positive Pay

Protect your business from fraudulent checks by monitoring your accounts on a daily basis. Whenever checks are cut from your accounting system, you upload an electronic file to Enterprise detailing the issue information. As each check clears your account(s), we verify the check number, dollar amount and payee match with the information provided. An exception email will alert you of any discrepancies and allow you to make the decision of paying or returning the item.

Reverse Positive Pay

Designed for organizations that write a low volume of paper checks. When using Reverse Positive Pay, all items are treated as exceptions and must be answered either “pay” or “return” when they clear.

Conventional Positive Pay

Similar to Payee Positive Pay, this service verifies only the check number and dollar amount on your cleared items.

ACH Debit Filters

Guard your accounts from fraudulent electronic debits by flagging any ACH transactions not originated by an authorized vendor from your approved list. As exceptions occur, you have the ability to either pay or return them.

Interested in learning more about our treasury management services designed to fit businesses like yours?

1Approval is subject to credit underwriting.